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Leapfrog System Info

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Leapfrog has enjoyed much success in the area of educational toys for children. There has been a long line of wildly popular toys; these toys started being released in the late 1990s. This company has been very good at keeping up with both technology and current trends to make a quality product that both kids and adults are pleased with.

One of first toys released was the My First Leappad. This system was designed for younger children to be a companion to the similar system for older children. It is a design that will allow a spiral bound book to be snapped to the system; these books are sold with cartridges that match. They are specially designed by Leapfrog. When the cartridge is inserted turn the system on and it will read the book to the child when the green “GO” circle is pressed on each page. Interactive games are also available on this system.

Fast forward several other similar but just as popular systems. The Leapster Explorer takes many of the same educational concepts and combines them with changing technology. The previous system, the Leapster 2, was a handheld system that was met with large success. Taking the best of the Leapster unit features and adding technological features, such as parent internet access and a camera for the child, makes this unit also a success. Furthermore, priced around $60.00 USD made this unit a success also. Cartridge games in dozens of individual titles can be purchased new for around $25.00. Several are available in various outlets pre-owned for much less.

The Leapster GS was created to follow the Leapster Explorer. The full name is technically the Leapster Explorer GS. It was released the year after the initial Explorer. It offers over apps to download as well as both a camera and video recorder. This system also features a tilt screen; this is to further enhance the gaming experience. Leapfrog has found that the more fun the kids have the more they tend to learn.

Leapfrog has these products available for sale both new and pre-owned. However, they also have a large line of other systems and games available. The choice of picking the “right” one for the child in your life does not have to be daunting.


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