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5 Facts You Need To Know About Stem Cell Banking

Posted on | September 27, 2013 | Comments Off

Cord blood is the main source for gathering stem cells. This highly valuable blood can be retreived from the umbilical cord soon after birth. You must have heard a lot about stem cell transplants and the need for banking your stem cells. Do you really need it? And if you do, what else do you need to think about before deciding on a bank? You’ll find details and all the information you need to know before you start considering to choose a stem cell bank.

The pros for stem cells first

· It’s simple really. By banking your stem cells, you are actually providing yourself with better alternatives in the future to fight against diseases or health conditions. You will be able to give your child healthy cells that can portentially treat otherwise life threatening conditions. Even hard to treat diseases such as leukemia, spinal cord injuries and heart diseases can be treated through stem cell transplants.

· Cord stem cell banking does not involve any injury or pain to the mother or the child. There is no pain involved for the baby since the cells are taken from the umbilical cord that has already been cut out.

· Cord stem cell banking is very helpful when you need transplants for the parents or for a sibling also. When a patient needs a bone marrow transplant, he faces a lot of risk. This is due to the possible rejection of the transplant by the host body. Chances of stem cell rejection are very rare. It can be used in the treatment of diseases like leukemia, brain tumors, cell disorders and congenital disturbances of the immune system.

And now the cons

· Of course, if there are no cases of genetically transmitted diseases in your family, you will not stand to gain a lot from cord stem cell banking.

· It doesn’t come cheap. Be prepared to pay $2000 for the banking, and then roughly $100 per year after that. If you do not really run a risk of a genetic disease, these are costs you need not bear!

How do I choose a Cord stem cell banking facility?

It’s very simple. Once you have decided on banking the stem cells, ask yourself these questions:

· Would you like to go for public banking or a private facility?

· Is the bank stable?

· You need to think about the number of samples processed at the facility. The more samples they handle, chances are they are better at it.

· Can you choose a different facility later?

· What are the costs involved? What are the up front fees as well as the yearly maintenance cost? Are they affordable?

· How will these costs affect your savings in the long run? Whether these costs are fixed or subject to change?

· Will you need to compromise on anything in order to ensure cord stem cell banking?

Cord stem cell banking is an important, albeit tough decision to make. Consider all the factors before you decide on what is right for you.


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