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What A Trip: Impulse-Buying A Classic Mustang

Posted on | September 28, 2013 | Comments Off

Well, I have not had any time to speak on this weblog quite as often as I might like, because of all the time I’ve been roped into helping my Dad manage his wild & crazy midlife crisis. Okay, I suppose it isn’t as far out as it might be. Basically how he did it was to go and dress himself up like he was Fonzie or something, and drop by to my place and casually inform me, in his hippest tone of voice: “Get ready, son, we’re going to be cruising for some classic Mustang sales. You got it, youngster, I’m going to get myself one.”

So next he & I went out to all of those weird vintage car sales lots that everybody is pretty much sure are mob-run, and I see my dad made out a check without even stopping to think, for an unnaturally shiny classic mustang. It really is an impressive purchase. It sounded really nice too.

There’s a reason why I phrased that last sentence in the past tense. It sounded perfect right until it seized up completely. The old man tells me that it is just a quick problem and he just needs to find the right part. The problem is, it may not be as painless to come across 1969 Mustang parts as it was over 30 years ago, but my Dad informs me there’s a pretty nice-sized availability for them regardless. the the best bet for finding parts for classic Mustangs is by way of web auctions, because you can get them refurbished and occasionally even brand new. They might not be cheap, though… After all, we’re talking about 30-year-old Ford Mustang parts.

I suppose it could’ve been worse. He might have got himself a harley.


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