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Review DT3rong Show

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What kind of music do you like? Or do you like hard-rock music? Or do you like music that makes you feel like dancing on the floor following the rhythm?indoNowadays we can find the return of Indian Bollywood series on the TV Programs, and that includes the Indian music as well. However, before the Indian Bollywood fever restrikes the television industry in Indonesia, actually dangdut fever already hit all television channels in Indonesia for a long time. Dangdut is a very popular music genre in Indonesia due to the melodious instrumentation and vocals. Dangdut itself is a term used to distinguish the music of Javanese from the Melayuart orchestra.


D’T3rong Show is one good example of successful dangdut program that still exists today and has become one of the most popular dangdut programs on television today. When they saw that dangdut was able to steal the attention of a lot of people at that time, Indosiar immediately held a dangdut talent show named D’Academy. It started its first broadcast on 3 February 2014, after conducting audition in 11 big cities in Indonesia (Medan, Makassar, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Cirebon, Solo, Purwokerto, Tasikmalaya, Serang, and Bogor). There were 35 contestants in total who pass the auditions. From the 35 contestants, 14 of them were selected from nomination concert stage, after dividing them into 7 groups and selecting 2 top contestants in each group. Not only that, the jury also has veto right that can be used to choose other 5 contestants to perform in the final, making 25 contestants compete with each other in the final.



Then they would be divided into 5 groups, where 2 contestants would be selected, making 10 contestants in total competing in the grand final. In the grand final, 10 contestants would again be divided into 2 groups where 3 contestants in each group would be selected to make it to the last stage. D’Academy show unexpectedly became a great success for Indosiar. It was able to overcome the rating of some other favorite TV programs. It received some critics however. To continue D’Academy success and keep the program’s viewers keep watching Indosiar, they designed D’T3rong Show with similar concept and atmosphere and the same program hosts with their previous successful program. This strategy was again a success, with D’T3rong Show managed to extend the success of D’Academy and exists to this day. This is why it always fills music during the show with dangdut music. A lot of dangdut singers have appeared in this show, such as Ayu Ting Ting, DewiPersik, Nassar KDI, EvieTamala, FitriKarlina, and SitiBadriah.


Like D’Academy show, D’T3rong Show is hosted by comedians Rina Nose, Ramzi and Irfan Hakim. They have been together for a long time since D’Academy show and were showing great chemistry and very solid in the program. Rina Nose’s outspoken character has always helped in making the show more attractive and dynamic. She has made herself the center of attention throughout the show. Not only its three hosts, the jury who are invited in the show are always able to match the hosts and blend well with them to make the show more interesting to watch. Some of them were also acting as jury in D’Academy show. They are InulDaratista, Iis Dahlia, Ivan Gunawan, and Saiful Jamil. Even the President of Director admitted that the show is actually inspired by Yuk Keep Smile show. In addition, Rina Nose’s charm, character, and her fresh comedy skills really help this program to show its uniqueness among some other similar programs on TV.



D’T3rong Show premiered on 15 March 2014 and become the favorite program on Indosiar every Saturday until Wednesday at 6:00 pm (see: jadwal indosiar). But now, situation has changed. They face a big challenge since television viewers in Indonesia become more and more interested in international television series. Because slowly but surely, the program D’T3rong Show shows decreasing popularity compared to where it was before when it first started. If you are a fan of dangdut music, you may like this program. 


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